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Bill Lee - Tennessee Governor

When God’s Kingdom and Our Politics Collide – Bill Lee

I’m not a political guy, at all. If you’ve read any of my previous writings, or followed my social media accounts, I’m sure you are nodding your head in agreement. I’d just as soon have a conversation about sports as I would politics (mind you I struck out in t-ball as a kid, so you…

Overcoming Fear


“What I bring you to, I’ll bring you through.” A mixed bag of peace and fear flooded my mind as I sat watching Micah and Kaleb opening their gifts from family on Christmas morning. As smiles, laughter, joy and wrapping paper filled the room my mind was a battle zone. I wanted to smile and…

Lee Company Chaplain

A New Chapter

There is this moment in The Apostle where we find ourselves with Sonny (Robert Duvall) in his bedroom having an extremely dramatic exchange with the Lord. Amidst his tirade with God, Sonny awakens a neighbor, who calls Sonny’s mom to ‘check-in’ on this crazy man in her home. Sonny’s mom responds that it is just her son, and that ever…

NASCAR Scripture

Turning the Page

In 2004 Michelle and I walked through the back tunnel of Fairgrounds Speedway in Nashville, leaping into the unknown with a new adventure in the world of motorsports ministry. For two years I served as the Chaplain of Fairgrounds Speedway, with Michelle by my side, endeavoring to simply love others as we loved ourselves…exposing them to Jesus…

Las Vegas Shooting Tragedy

Las Vegas’ Big Question…Why, God, Why?

On Sunday October 1st my wife and I boarded our Delta flight from Las Vegas back towards Nashville. We were in the city for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race hosted by Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and tacked on a few days as a ‘getaway’ together as a couple. We had an amazing time exploring…

The Blessed Life


Growing up I had three big aspirations in life. I wanted to be a NASCAR driver. I wanted to be a Walt Disney Studios animation artist. I wanted to have a pretty wife. (adolescence friends, adolescence.) Ambitious? For sure! Especially the third, but whose childhood dreams aren’t ambitious? Along the way I allowed God to become a central part of my journey and…

Quitting Church

The Day I Quit Church

Sunday, February 20, 2010; it was the day I quit church. The thoughts, conversations and emotions of the day remain vividly etched into my mind. Let me preface that when I say I quit the church, I’m referring to the ‘church’ as the local gathering of believers; not the church as the body of Christ. Throughout the…

Photo by Justin Whapham

The Needs of NASCAR

Fresh off of another international trip early in 2016 I found myself sitting across from my Pastor and dear friend, Darren, at one of my favorite local eateries. As our conversations traversed from one topic to another, I began to lament about the area of ministry I find myself as a part of. Traveling into an impoverished…


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