Obedience and an American Soldier

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Posting DevotionalsA few weeks ago I was struggling with a direction for a chapel/devotional for our race at Caraway Speedway.


As I sat in front of my blank Word document, I would start typing, and then wipe the whole document out only to begin typing again.


I struggled because I felt God leading me to teach on creation. I was having a hard time with that because it is a very broad topic to cover in a short written devotional and 10 minute chapel service.


I fought it. I kept staring at my blank Word document, writing and erasing, for a good forty five minutes. I didn’t want to go there, God wanted me to. I was wrestling God, knowing I couldn’t win.


I finally succumbed and wrote the devotional on creation (you can find it posted below this).


On my way to Caraway, I had a short layover in Atlanta. As my layover was coming to an end and our plane was beginning to board I noticed a young soldier, likely in his twenties, sitting just across from me.


In his hands he held the book “The Grand Design” by Stephen Hawkins, an atheist attempting to describe creation via physics instead of a creator. It was obvious this young soldier was searching for meaning. Unfortunately my flight was boarding and I didn’t have time to sit and talk with him.


As I got up to board, I walked over to him and thanked him for his service to our nation. I then asked him a few quick questions about the book and why he had it. He had just started the book that day.


I shared a very short form of my struggle the day prior in writing the devotional, and pulled a copy of it out and left it with him so that he could have a glimpse of the truth of creation…and God’s love for him that put it in his hands.


I left to board my plane.


I don’t know this young soldier’s name, where he is from, or how he received the letter…but I do know that God had a direct purpose for me in writing on creation that weekend, and it was for him. I pray that it touches his spirit and puts him on a journey towards faith so that we can meet again in Heaven.


We have to listen when God is talking to us, we have to move when He is directing us, we have to be obedient. We never know who He is using us to reach.




Here is the letter God had for this young solider that day…


A few years ago I led a bible study at BakerCurb Racing when they were in operation in Nashville. I always enjoyed getting there a few minutes early so I could look in the shop.


The process of building racecars always amazed me. I am not a very mechanically inclined individual, so watching a stock of parts and raw materials that are really ‘nothing’ on their own quickly transform into an intricate racecar is pretty cool. There is an undeniable complexity of gears and wires, bolts and harnesses, framework and drivetrain that all have to be perfect in order for the racecar to actually ‘race’.


What really strikes me is not that the pieces are able to come together to create such a complex machine, but that there are people who have the talent to put them together. After all, the parts and materials would still be unassembled in some shop if no one assembled them. A racecar doesn’t just ‘happen’.


I think that each of you can testify that the racecars are the result of many long, hard, hours in a shop or garage somewhere…watching your creation come to life.


We all know that one misstep in the building process could be catastrophe on the racetrack. The car has to be perfect.


The building of a racecar has a lot of parallel to our life, and our planet. Every aspect of our body is designed to function perfectly, from our muscles to our digestive system, from our neurological system to our skeletal system. It all works, perfectly. The same is true of our planet; it is perfect for sustaining life. The right speed, the right size, the right distance…all of the pieces that make it work.


Yet somewhere along the line we’ve heard ‘it just happened’. The reality is that it can’t just happen. No more than a racecar can just ‘happen’ in your race shop without working on it (wouldn’t that be nice?)! CREATION demands a CREATOR. Life is the result of a perfect design.


This is important, because as you begin to see that complex creations can’t just happen, then you begin to explore who created it then, and why.


Romans 1:18-19 says, They know everything that can be known about God, because God has shown it all to them. God’s eternal power and character cannot be seen. But from the beginning of creation, God has shown what these are like by all he has made. That’s why those people don’t have any excuse.”


The complexity of the world exists so that there is no way we can deny God’s existence. He has shown us He is real by all he has made! Life is too complex to have just evolved. The planet is too intricate to have just ‘banged’ into existence.


Once we acknowledge God’s existence, we can begin to believe His words in the Bible. In the Bible He gives us a beautiful picture of creation in the book of Genesis. He tells us why, and he tells us how. And that is where we will start off the year…with a fresh beginning, a fresh creation.


Why? He did it all because He loves you. Crazy love. You were worth it to Him.


Grace and Peace.



Author: Kyle Froman

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