5 Lies I Wish I Could Tell My Son

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5 Lies I Wish I Could SayI remember a few weeks ago laying in bed with our five year old by my side as he was falling asleep. He was somewhat uncomfortable and fidgety; overtired and unrelaxed.

As he rolled onto his side for the 15th time I placed my hand on his back. Within a few brief moments he was sound asleep.

The security of my hand on his back was settling.

Next month our five year old is turning six. My little buddy isn’t very little anymore. The reality is sinking in that our time together at this stage of life is drawing to a close.

It is a sobering thought when you see your child transitioning from innocence to the awakening of the type of world we live in.

As his daddy I want to veil him from the darkness, to protect and preserve the innocence within him, but I know that I can’t.

I want to tell my son…


…people are good, no one will ever hurt you.


Unfortunately people aren’t good, and someone may hurt you. The heart of man is dark apart from Christ. I dread the day you experience your first fight or lose your first love. I have nightmares about how the depravity of man may hurt you in the future. I can’t promise you people won’t hurt you. But remember hatred and vengeance is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Respond with love, to all people, at all times. It isn’t easy and it certainly isn’t popular; but it is right.

I want to tell my son…

…you are going to take your hits in life, but I will always be able to protect you.


Man do I wish this one were true. I won’t always be there to protect you. I won’t always be here, period. As much as I wish I could protect you from every hurt that is going to come  your way, I can’t. You are going to face rejection, pain and injustice your entire life. You can persevere. There is no pill to protect you from the hurt and heartache this world is going to share with you; but there is One who will strengthen you along the way and allow you to experience true joy even in the middle of the storms.

I want to tell my son…

…pursue your dreams no matter the cost.


While it makes for a great inspirational poster, don’t pursue your dreams no matter the cost. Don’t step on other people. Don’t forfeit relationships. Don’t find your worth in what you do. Instead? Give your dreams and passions to God and ask Him to use them to further His Kingdom; to make Him known. You are passionate about things for a purpose; seek God as you unite the two.

I want to tell my son…


…if you run out of time today that is okay, there is always tomorrow.


You have 86,400 seconds in a day. Once they are gone, they are gone. What you do with your time matters. If it can be done today, do it today, because you may not have a tomorrow. Don’t wait until tomorrow to show someone you love them. Don’t wait until tomorrow to meet a need someone has. Don’t wait until tomorrow to focus on your relationship with God. Don’t wait until tomorrow to share the good news. Tomorrow may never be here. You have today; use it.

I want to tell my son…


…choosing to follow Jesus is the easiest road we can choose in this life.


This is the biggest lie I could ever tell you. Jesus warned us that if the world hated Him; we’d be naive to think it won’t hate us. This has become ever more true by the day in the nation we live in. Following Jesus will leave  you making the difficult choices. Loving someone who  hurt you. Giving to someone who can’t give back to you. Sacrificing what you want for what He wants. It is a hard road and sometimes a lonely road. But it is the right road. The journey is worth every ounce of struggle you will pour into it. It is the most rewarding relationship you will ever experience.

There are so many lies I wish I could tell you, but as you are already acknowledging through your daily questions this world is not all that you thought it to be. Bad guys are not fanciful, imaginative characters to add plot to a story; they are real people…even us at times. Hurt and pain aren’t just concepts written about and portrayed in books and on television; they are real emotions that really sting. Sickness is real, and painful. Reality stings.

I wish I could lie to you and alter the reality we live in; but I can’t.


All I can promise is that I will do everything in my power to be a good daddy to you, instructing, preparing, loving and releasing you into a broken world to make a big difference in the lives of everyone  you encounter.


I love you buddy.


Author: Kyle Froman

Husband | Father | Follower of Jesus | Lee Company Chaplain | Chaplains Collective Founding Chaplain | Former NASCAR Chaplain | Author | Disney Geek