Broken, Helpless, and Hopeless. – An Open Letter to the World

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Something is BrokenSomething is broken in our world.

Something is broken when an international outrage is sparked by the killing of a protected lion while an estimated 125,000 babies are slain every single day (stat via Worldometers). When we value animals, or trees, or ‘things’ more than a human life, something is broken.

Something is broken when we think it is better to kill our enemy than to love them. We don’t just kill with our guns but with our words as we tear through any opponent in our way. Politically. Theologically. Criminally. Personally. When we believe that disagreement gives us permission to destroy, something is broken.

Something is broken when we are more concerned with the size of our house or what is in the driveway than we are with the reality that nearly 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day (stat via Global Issues). When we prioritize what we have over what others don’t have, something is broken.

We’ve created a reality that says I am more important than you. A reality that judges ourselves by our intentions and others by their actions. A reality that says my freedom is more important than your persecution.

We are definitely broken.


Our brokenness only leads to helplessness.


We sit at our keyboards and talk about the injustices that are happening all around us; yet we do nothing. We are paralyzed by our own helplessness because the atrocities are too big and we are too small.

We buy into the broken lie that we can’t make a difference; or worse yet that talking about something is the same as doing something about it.

We are helpless to make a difference for those who daily face the fear and reality of ISIS.

We are helpless to make a difference for the child who is waking up today without a home, meal, or hope.

We are helpless to make a difference for the unborn who will be murdered before they even breathe in their first breath of fresh air.

We are helpless to change the media baiting we see or the political dismay that surrounds us.

Stories of sex trafficking and racism bombard us along with stories filled with hate and rage.

We are helpless to make a difference.


Our helplessness leads to hopelessness.


As I look around there is not a lot left to be hopeful about. My heart hurts at the world we are leaving behind . It is a world that prioritizes self over others. A world that promotes hate over love. A world that is more concerned about money than morality.

It is hard to be hopeful when love is dying.

It is hard to be hopeful when death is celebrated.

It is hard to be hopeful when selfish desires far outweigh human needs.

It is hard to be hopeful when Christianity is considered ‘fringe’.

Our priorities have become so misaligned that we are okay with stepping over and ignoring a homeless man on our way to a $100 steak dinner.


Yet amidst the brokenness, helplessness and hopelessness I still believe in ‘us’.


I believe in the potential that rests within us as humans, and I believe we are better than the way we are living.

We started to believe the lie that this life and this world is about “I”, but it isn’t. It is about “us”. We are all traveling on this big ball around the sun together. With each revolution we have the decision to live for ourselves, or the decision to live for others.

The longer we decide to live for ourselves, the more brokenness we will find. Selfish desire is not the path to love. History is littered with stories of those who pursued life for themselves and the emptiness they found in the end. Our selfishness will just cause us to repeat it.

Selfish living isn’t limited to any social or economic class; it can be found in every nation and village on the globe. It is the core of our brokenness and it is the very thing that leads us to the scary depths of evil and depravity that we see today.

We are broken.

But the story doesn’t end there, we may be broken but we were created in the very image of God.


Within us we hold the potential to love, to love not only God but to love others as we love ourselves. We hold the potential to put back together our broken, selfish lives and make a change.


It doesn’t matter if you are carrying assault rifles through the desert with a black flag or removing babies prematurely from the womb; you are not beyond making a change.

It doesn’t matter if you make $10.00 a day or $10,000 a day; you can make a change.

Each of us can make a change by loving others as ourselves; by serving others in their need. We can speak love to our enemies. We can be support to those who have nothing. We can care for the needs of others.

Let that car merge in traffic, I promise you it will be okay.

Speak kind words to and about someone you disagree with politically, I promise you that it won’t hurt you.

Buy a meal for the person who cut you in line. Secretly give to someone in need. Mow your neighbor’s yard unexpectedly even if you don’t like them. Make conscious decisions to make what you do as much about others as it is about yourself. Just do something. Anything.

I’m tired of sitting and watching the brokenness around us; talking about it and lamenting over it. I’m longing for change as much as I long for Heaven.

Today, I am making the decision to be the change I want to see around me. If each of you make that decision with me, I promise you we will experience God’s Kingdom in ways we never imagined.



Author: Kyle Froman

Husband | Father | Follower of Jesus | Lee Company Chaplain | Chaplains Collective Founding Chaplain | Former NASCAR Chaplain | Author | Disney Geek