Faster Pastor - Highland Rim Speedway

Sometimes We Don’t Get What We Deserve

Last week, I experienced for the first time what it felt like to tighten down a harness, flip the switches and go racing. Highland Rim Speedway, a small 1/3 mile track just north of Nashville, invited me to race in their Faster Pastor race. Since I had planned on being home last weekend despite our…

Posting Devotionals

Obedience and an American Soldier

A few weeks ago I was struggling with a direction for a chapel/devotional for our race at Caraway Speedway.   As I sat in front of my blank Word document, I would start typing, and then wipe the whole document out only to begin typing again.   I struggled because I felt God leading me…

Jet at the Racetrack

He Makes Beautiful Things

Even as we grow up, there are just some things we never outgrow. For me, there are two things, Disney and LEGO’s.   Thankfully, through my children, I never have to grow up!   One of my favorite things to do in my free time is to build LEGO’s with Micah, our 5 year old….

NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour

Our Other Church

Our ‘other church’ is an interesting church. It could be defined as nomadic and unpredictable.  Dangerous and fast-paced. Outspoken and competitive. Sometimes our church gathers for a short service,  more often ‘church’ happens in groups of two or three next to idling engines, stacks of tires, crock pots and grills. By many American church standards,…

NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour Path to Victory

The Path to Victory

I love this picture that I snapped at a NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour Race several years ago inside of one of the haulers. It was a picture of a white board, with a simple set of instructions on it. In the middle of the board was a large oval diagram, obviously that of a…