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Whispering Woods Accident

Just Respond.

Last night, I tossed my family a curveball. As we were eating dinner I told them that afterwards the boys were going to take an early bath, get in their PJ’s, and we were going to head to Sonic for milkshakes. Earlier in the day we had received the final portion of the advance for…

Atlanta Motor Speedway Race of Champions

Aerodynamic Faith

Have you ever thought about what it really means to believe that God is real, that we were created by Him, and that everything around us was created by Him. It is a tall order to believe in someone, and live our life for someone, that we cannot place any of our physical senses on….

Caraway Speedway

Drop the Net and Climb In

Life is filled with special moments and revelations. Images that burn themselves into our hearts and  stick with us through the years. The 2009 NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour season provided one of those moments for me. I’ve shared this story before, but as I was sitting at the keys today reflecting, I wanted to…

American Flag

What are We Afraid Of?

Something is really bothering me. I’ve been toying with what to say about this issue for a long time, because I know that I don’t fall on the side of the majority. I know that stating my view on this is likely to cause me to lose the respect of some, and is certain to…

California Adventure World of Color

A World of Color

Last week we finally got to check off something that is on every Disneyphile’s bucket-list, a visit to Disneyland Park in Anaheim. It was amazing. We got to walk in Walt’s footsteps down Main Street, U.S.A. We were able to see the bench that Walt sat on when he ‘dreamed up’ this magical place while…


Walking the Wire

I am not the overly adventurous type. While you may see me riding roller coasters or eating sushi…you probably will not see me jumping from a plane, dangling from a rubber band or walking on a wire over Niagara Falls. But I definitely enjoy living vicariously through watching others walk the wire. A while back…

Lonely Travelers

Lonely Travelers

If you have ever done much travelling by yourself, you likely know how lonely and isolated it can get once the ‘newness’ of traveling wears off. You find yourself around thousands of other travelers in and out of airports, yet you are all by yourself. When funny things happen, there is no one to share…

Faster Pastor - Highland Rim Speedway

Sometimes We Don’t Get What We Deserve

Last week, I experienced for the first time what it felt like to tighten down a harness, flip the switches and go racing. Highland Rim Speedway, a small 1/3 mile track just north of Nashville, invited me to race in their Faster Pastor race. Since I had planned on being home last weekend despite our…


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