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Orlando Tragedy

Where was God in Orlando?

As I started my morning skimming the AP feed, my heart sank as I was confronted with the headlines of what had transpired in the early-morning hours in Orlando. My excitement about our planned zoo day was quickly overshadowed by an overwhelming heaviness. Evil had again raised its ugly head, reminding us in a demonstrative…

PreRace Prayer with John Hunter Nemecheck - NEMCO

Fast Prayers and Freedom

There is something electrifying about standing on pit road prior to a race. It is in those moments standing on the asphalt next to a field of race ready machines, surrounded by the movement of teams, presence of media and colossus nature of the grandstands that you realize the magnitude of our sport. Nothing short of organized…

Target Boycott

Boycotts and Jesus ::: Our Latest ‘Target’

Three circles. Three circles have become the symbol and driving theme of the Walt Disney Company, and an icon that is adored by families around the world. The ever-distinctive Mickey Mouse ears profile. Being a company with such tremendous success and one that has prided itself in family entertainment, I am sure Walt would have never imagined…


Goodnight, America.

Following an emotional final show that was surprisingly infused with spirituality; surrounded by confetti Ryan Seacrest spoke the final words of a fifteen year story as he looked into the camera one final time; ‘Goodnight, America.’ It shouldn’t have been an emotional moment for me, but it was. I looked over at Michelle, “Did you cry?” I…

The White House - Republican God

HOPE in the Wrong Place.

I was in 6th grade when Bill Clinton was elected as the 42nd President of the United States of America. At 11 years old, this was the first election I’d followed. I knew very little about what was happening other than what I had heard on the news and in conversations. From the pulpit I’d heard mentions…

Kyle in Jamaica

Are You Earning Points with God? :: A Foreign Mission Story

Only one conclusion can be drawn when I am brutally honest about myself and how I love others… …I am an incredibly selfish person. I was recently reminded just how selfish I can be while serving in Jamaica alongside an awesome team from the NASCAR Community. We had travelled together to partner with IsleGo Missions; to…

Star Wars The Force Awakens

The Gospel According to Han Solo **SPOILER**

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past month let me catch you up. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens released in December, and it was awesome. For 33 years of my life I avoided the Star Wars franchise. I had not seen a single Star Wars movie in its…

BNA - Nashville International Airport

Tis’ the Season of Greed, Delta and Me

A few days ago I booked a flight to nowhere. So it wasn’t exactly a flight to nowhere, rather a flight to Pensacola, but the flight seemingly serves no purpose. From the time I land until the time I depart I will be in Pensacola a grand total of 43 minutes. As a traveller who spends…


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