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Social Media…the Great Tease

Hitting ‘enter’ on social media does not create change. It provokes thought, but not change. Change happens when we transition from talking to doing. The great danger of social media is that it ‘teases’ us to make us think we are making a difference by hitting enter, while in reality it is distracting us from…

Bowman Gray Stadium

Our Other Family

For almost 9 years Michelle and I have been a part of an incredible community, the NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour. For almost 9 years this community of people has transitioned from strangers to friends, and from friends to our racing family. We are a diverse bunch of people, yet each person in our family is…

Bristol Motor Speedway - NASCAR Modified Tour

Slow Down.

As a family, we spend a lot of time around those whose primary pursuit is to go FAST. In an environment that thrives on going fast, you really have to take control of everything that is happening around you. In a sport where 1st and 2nd can be separated by hundredths of a second, there is no room…

It’s Okay to Ask Daddy for Help

As we grow up, there are just some things we never outgrow. For me, there are two things, Disney and LEGO’s. Thankfully, through my children, I never have to grow up! One of my favorite things to do in my free time is to build LEGO’s with Micah, our 5 year old. We can have…

Skit Guys - The Birdcage


How much does God love us? This much.

American Flag

I Love Our President, Barack Obama.

If there is one conversation I always stay away from, regardless of the setting or media platform, it is politics. There is not much room for give and take in politics, it is a very polarizing subject. Talking about it seems to bring out the worst in people as we feel we have the right…

Father and Son on Dumbo

Be a Gentle Daddy

Parallel to my work with Motor Racing Outreach, I am also a ‘tentmaker’ working for one of my best friend’s travel agency. The travel agency, Off to Neverland Travel®, specializes in Disney Destinations; leaving us with all kinds of ‘business’ trips with the family to Walt Disney World® Resort and other Disney Destinations. It is a tough…

Jet's New Tattoo

Should Christians Get Tattoos?

Should a follower of Christ get a tattoo? The answer seems quite simple according to the verse I hear quoted most often.   “‘Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.’” – Leviticus 19:28   Additionally there is 1 Corinthians 6:19, “Do you not know that…


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