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Ain't No Reason Brett Dennen

Ain’t No Reason :: Music Monday

I love music. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket and I can’t strum a guitar or play an instrument (other than squeak out “Three Blind Mice” on a saxaphone); but I love music. It is amazing how music bypasses so many layers of emotion and gets right into your soul. To share my…

Joe Gibbs Racing Shop

Racecars Don’t Build Themselves

Several years ago I led a bible study for a NASCAR Nationwide Series team, BakerCurb Racing, when they were still in operation in Nashville. I always enjoyed getting there a few minutes early so I could look in the shop. The process of building racecars always amazed me. I am not a very mechanically inclined…

5 Lies I Wish I Could Say

5 Lies I Wish I Could Tell My Son

I remember a few weeks ago laying in bed with our five year old by my side as he was falling asleep. He was somewhat uncomfortable and fidgety; overtired and unrelaxed. As he rolled onto his side for the 15th time I placed my hand on his back. Within a few brief moments he was…

Charlotte Motor Speedway

Don’t Let Others Keep You From the Race

In my time with people of  different faiths and ideologies, one of the most common reasons I hear for a lack of belief in (or relationship with) God is, “I don’t believe in God (or care about God) because of the way Christians live.“ I used to find this a compelling argument. If you really consider…

Kyle Froman and Johnny Mordock

I Don’t Invite People to Church

I have a confession. I don’t invite people to church.   Before you drag me through the streets crying heresy, please allow me the opportunity to present my heart to you.   I adore our local church. It is a beautiful part of the body of Christ in motion. The Conduit family is our family;…

Dino Rama at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park

Finding Balance on the Primeval Whirl

As the car we were in climbed the steep rails ahead of us, the ever familiar ‘click, click, click’ that accompanies every roller coaster’s ascent slowed as we neared the top of the climb. I always associate that ever so brief moment of silence, when the coaster reaches the crest of the hill, as the…

Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort

But Where Is Mickey Mouse?

As the plane slowly taxied after landing on a runway at Orlando International Airport I peered through the small rectangular window, my eager little eyes expecting to see the castle and the rest of the Magic Kingdom. Instead, my gleaming eyes quickly changed to gloom at the sight of long grey runways, drab grass fields,…

Broken LEGO Pieces

Building the Beautiful from the Broken

Broken pieces. Everywhere. Unemployment. Broken relationships. Sickness. Addiction. Death. Greed. Lust.  Doubt. Deceit. At some point in all of our lives we have all felt the effects of one, or more, of the aforementioned. They’ve left us feeling shattered and broken, scattered across the floor. We’ve felt their weight bearing down on our lives. As…


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